I’m a content editor, writer and communications consultant: words are my passion.

I love collaborating with people who inspire me and whose businesses positively impact the world. Each day, I craft writing that helps my clients communicate authentically about who they are and what they stand for.

My writing expertise is backed by a career in marketing and business development, where I helped professional services firms and not-for-profit organisations produce high-quality communications. Since then, I’ve worked independently: managing a wellbeing blog, writing articles for online publications, and supporting entrepreneurs with their writing projects.

What sets me apart is my ability to evaluate words at a micro and macro level. I bring a strategic approach with a meticulous eye for detail: delivering outstanding writing that aligns with you and your business objectives.

In addition to working with English-speaking clients, I enjoy helping Swedish professionals strengthen the quality of their English communications. I’m a native-English speaker based in Australia, working with clients worldwide.

To find out more, read about my services or contact me to discuss your needs.

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