• Marissa Hakansson, Copywriter, Sunshine Coast, Australia

    Need high-quality writing for your communications and marketing content?


    I can help.

    I'm Marissa Håkansson: I write for non-profits and businesses in the education, arts, and wellbeing sectors.


    Professional writing, editing and marketing

    I can write or edit your communications and marketing content, including:

    • articles
    • press releases
    • newsletters
    • websites
    • and more.
    I'm available to support your team with ongoing work or one-off projects.
    With expertise in marketing, partnerships, and business development, I'm also open to exploring other types of support for your organisation.
    If you have a project in mind, contact me and we can discuss if I'm the right person to help.


    Non-profits and businesses in the education, arts, and wellbeing sectors

    Words are powerful, and can contribute to social change. That's why I work with non-profits and businesses that positively impact people and society.


    While I offer broad expertise across a range of industries, I particularly enjoy writing for the education, arts, and wellbeing sectors.


    I'm always open to discussing new collaborations. So if you need a high-quality writer for your purpose-driven business or cause, I invite you to contact me.



    Experienced communications and marketing professional

    When you work with me, you benefit from my:

    • expertise in crafting communications that are clear, concise, and relevant
    • industry experience across the non-profit, professional services, and private business sectors
    • career background in marketing communications and relationship management
    • training in marketing, communications, professional writing, and editing.
    If I assist your team — for a short or long term project — you'll receive high-quality work, delivered on time and to budget.
    Not convinced? Read what my clients say about me.



    What my clients say about me

    “Marissa was outstanding in her field of expertise and a pleasure to work with. A great freelance experience.”


    "Working with Marissa was by far the best investment I've made in my business and industry.”


    "Marissa was extremely professional and efficient. She truly listened, understood my needs, and

    delivered on the timeframes agreed.”


    “With Marissa’s help, I gained the confidence to stand behind my brand and be proud of who I am,

    what services I provide and how I can deliver.”

    “I’m amazed how accurately you've summed up what we are doing. [What you’ve written] reads extremely well and is exactly what I had in mind.”



    Based in Australia, working with clients worldwide

    No matter where you're located, I can assist. I'm based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and work with clients remotely.


    If you'd like to hire me or have a question, leave me a message below. Alternatively, email me at m@marissahakansson.com


    If you want to speak with me, I'd be happy to arrange a phone or Skype call.


    I look forward to working with you!


    I'll reply within 24 hours

    (Monday to Friday, Australian Eastern Time)