• Need help with your marketing content or business communications?

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  • How can I help you?

    If you're looking for support with your marketing content, business communications, or public relations writing — you're in the right place.

    There are three ways I can help you:

    Writing. Creating clear, compelling, well-structured content.
    Editing. Improving existing content to ensure a high standard of writing.
    Advice. Helping with strategy, communications plans, and key messages.


    I’ve worked on a range of writing projects from websites, newsletters, articles, and emails, to press releases, ebooks, brochures, and professional profiles. I've also helped with award submissions, educational content, tenders, and grant writing.


    I've helped small business owners, independent consultants, non-profit organisations, professional services businesses, and large companies. I'm confident I can assist you too.


    While I can write about many topics, I have a special interest in health and wellbeing, psychology, creative industries, and social or charitable causes.


    “With Marissa’s assistance, I gained the confidence to stand behind my brand and be proud of who I am, what services I provide and how I can deliver.” ~ Business Owner, Australia


    Find out what you get when you work with me.

  • What you get

    When we work together, my priority is you — your goals and the results you want.


    We'll run through a complete briefing so I truly understand your business and aims. I take a strategic approach, considering each communication within the context of your business, marketing, or communications plan.


    Depending on your needs, I can provide ongoing support or assist with one-off projects. I can help with simple or complex editing, writing, rewriting, content audits, or communications planning.


    When you receive your finished communication piece, it will be:

    • relevant and engaging, with your key messages articulated
    • well structured, so your readers absorb what you're saying
    • clear and concise, with language targeted to your audience
    • brand appropriate, delivering a consistent style and voice
    • error free, to create a professional finish.

    You receive quality writing, every time.


    "Marissa was extremely professional and efficient. She truly listened, understood my needs, and delivered on the timeframes agreed." ~ Business Owner, Australia


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  • Why choose me

    You benefit from my insight, strategy, and skill.


    I’ve honed my writing, editing, and consulting expertise through freelance projects and a career in business-to-business marketing.


    I've contributed to myriad communication projects — both print and digital — from concept to completion. I'm well-versed in what makes quality content, and how to produce effective communications.


    What do I consider my strengths?

    • I have a rare mix of big-picture thinking combined with a meticulous attention to detail
    • I understand business needs, work pragmatically, and deliver projects on time and to budget
    • I’m a dedicated professional who is committed to producing high-quality work, every time.

    When you partner with me, you'll feel that I genuinely care about what you do.


    "Working with Marissa was by far the best investment I've made in my business and industry." ~ Business Owner, Australia


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  • My track record

    Here are examples of the types of projects I've worked on:


    Website content

    • Wrote and edited website content for a natural health clinic
    • Wrote website content for an insurance broker
    • Planned, collated and wrote copy for a law firm’s website.

    Articles & blogs

    • Wrote articles for a non-profit’s e-newsletter, aimed at corporate partners
    • Wrote and contributed blog posts to online wellbeing and lifestyle publications
    • Guided lawyers to write feature articles, and edited articles to a high standard.

    Marketing & communications

    • Wrote an 8000-word e-book for a professional counsellor
    • Rewrote online course descriptions for a professional training company
    • Edited online and educational content for a marketing entrepreneur
    • Reviewed marketing brochures, sales packages, and email campaigns for a non-profit.

    Professional profiles

    • Wrote professional profiles for a range of clients, including health professionals, a yoga teacher, a marketing entrepreneur, an insurance broker, and lawyers.

    Public relations

    • Wrote and edited media releases for a professional services firm, verifying content and key messages.

    Communication audits

    • Audited all marketing material for a non-profit to ensure accurate messaging
    • Audited all marketing documents for a professional services firm, then rewrote and edited content.

    Business communications

    • Edited and proofread reports, policies, and guidelines for a non-profit
    • Edited corporate brochures for a law firm and for an asset management company
    • Wrote an industry award submission for a professional services firm.

    Grants & tenders

    • Wrote government grant submissions for a business services firm
    • Wrote and edited a tender response for a professional training company
    • Managed the end-to-end tender writing process for a business law firm.

    Internal communications

    • Wrote customer database 'training guides' for a non-profit organisation
    • Planned, researched and wrote copy for a firm’s weekly staff newsletter.

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  • How it works

    1. We'll connect via email, phone or Skype to discuss what you'd like help with.


    2. I'll review your existing communications, then send you a quote or proposal with my recommendations and a fixed fee.


    3. You'll need to agree to the quote or proposal and pay a 50% deposit to get started. For ongoing projects (e.g. a monthly newsletter), you'll pay 100% of the recurring fee in advance. Payment is made online with credit card or PayPal.


    4. Next, you'll complete a briefing document. It includes questions that help me understand your business and goals.


    5. We'll organise a follow-up phone or Skype call to go over extra details. Then, I get to work.


    6. You'll receive your finished content to review and approve. Up to two rounds of revisions are included.


    7. If the work is a stand-alone project, I'll request the final 50% payment.


    8. That's it! You are delighted with quality writing that you can confidently publish.


    Contact me to get started today.

  • Contact me

    Ready to get started?


    Great. Here's how to take the next step:

    1. Send me a message, using the form below or email m@marissahakansson.com, briefly explaining what you'd like help with. I'll reply as soon as possible. 
    2. If needed, we can arrange a short phone or Skype call to talk about your content editing goals.

    Distance is no barrier. I'm based in Queensland, Australia and work with businesses worldwide.

    I look forward to hearing from you.